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2017-07-19 22:25:02 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

not anywhere near done still but i just wanted to say hi...

ok then

2017-03-24 19:28:51 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

I'm working on several animated thingies (roomM8s 2, some shorts, and a surprise) so they may take a little longer becuase I'm stupid and like to work between animations! see you al on the next update kisses!


alright script is done now imma start getting voice shit done wish me luck.

RoomM8s 2

2017-02-15 21:51:37 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

So I've started work on RooM8s 2 and befor I get too deep in this shit just wanna know one thing... Should I add another roomate character or should I just stick with Lazy and Andy as the protagonist?

Twitta Baby

2017-02-14 19:13:40 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

You think this account is trash? HAHA! You havn't seen shit n*gga check out my twitter.


2017-02-14 17:07:22 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

Now that I'm done with RoomM8s I know i should work on my other project, but after uploading RoomM8s I started getting all kinds of ideas for it...(Fuck I didn't want to turn it into a thing but now I kind of want to)

RoomM8s short is out

2017-02-14 01:11:37 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

I hope you like it that shit is under judgement.

LOL YouTube

2017-02-13 22:51:29 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

I was thinking about posting my next animation to youtube as well as newgrounds, but lol no I forgot the Email I used for youtube. so in short fuck that shit on youtube.


2017-02-12 01:41:51 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

Don't know if anyone gives a shit but I'm working on a few shorts now that I've got some new shit. One is part of a mini series, and the other is going to be another shitty little ass animation just to see if I can still do things decently. So look out baby they'll  be coming within the next month or two! Ok bye bye gotta start that work love you sweeties *kisses


What up Homies!

2017-02-10 23:28:36 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

Oh shit! It's been two years how you all been doing baby?