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2016-03-20 02:08:40 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

hey evreyone lazy here i was a day befor recording the voices for the animation i've been working on when my computer died on me, but no worries this gives me the chance to start all over (please kill me). I'll start working on the animation again as soon as i get a new laptop.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

New Animation Soon

2016-01-25 23:55:22 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

Heyo Lazy here to tell you that I've got a new animation coming soon it is another short one however (around 20- 30 seconds long... again) but hey I am uploading SOMTHING; good enough eh?



2016-01-06 23:44:13 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

New stylus for the drawing pad coming in around the 15-20th so as soon as it comes in I'll be starting on some new animations!                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Hugs and kisses



2015-12-18 19:29:38 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

Hey everyone who has seen and or cared enough to watch my animations. I was working on my most recent animation and lost my drawing pads pen. I hope to have the new one I ordered soon as possable. Afterwards i'll be getting back to some of you voice actors who were kind enough to reply to my collab request. Soryy for the long wait by the by I've recently started working on animations by myself again so I'll try my best to get them out as quickly as possable but good news is I've got a mic now for when i voice act!

Hugs and kisses to you all

                                                                    - LazyHatzBoosterNG

Animation Tommorrow

2015-07-07 20:12:35 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

A new (16 second) animation Tommorrow! why not check it out in judgment tommorrow and hey if ya like bad puns thats what this video has!Come check it out! 


2015-07-07 16:28:33 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

ALL ANIMATIONS SHALL HENSFORTH BE POSTED HERE AT NEWGROUNDS SO SAYS THE LAZYHATZ ANIMATION TEAM! Oh and you can now see behind the scenes moments for upcoming animations at

heres a link-


2015-06-11 20:26:32 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

short 20-30 second animation coming out sometime next week mabye 8 days (don't set your expectations super high this was done with a mouse) should be better than last one though in terms of animations :D


2015-06-10 00:06:23 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

Drawing pad is broken still and no new one but dammit we're going to try our best to finish some small shorts as soon as possable!


2015-06-06 01:30:13 by LazyHatzBoosterNG

Well shit our drawing pad broke... well no animations until we get a new tablet (Not like we released any animations this year anyways)...



2015-01-09 22:14:06 by LazyHatzBoosterNG


Fuck I've been WAAAAAYYY under-productive!

But this is the yer shit goes down im getting at least 15 animations this year to make up.